Data Persistence with Waba
Subject:   about WinCE
Date:   2001-06-22 09:34:05
From:   mferris
Response to: about WinCE

If you are referring to how one uses the Catalog class under WinCE, it is the same regardless of the platform. That is, the Catalog is an abstraction that works the same regardless of the underlying OS. The only difference is that when you open the Catalog, use a constructor as follows:
Catalog c = new Catalog "MyCatalog",Catalog.CREATE);

This leaves off the CreatorID, and the Type, which are Palm-specific. The other thing to keep in mind is that while WinCE supports 32 character file names, the Palm OS does not. If you want to maintain any portability, keep your Catalog names to 31 characters or less.