Creating a Color Meter Using Cocoa
Subject:   Wierd build problem
Date:   2001-06-22 14:57:30
From:   canyonrat
Every time I try to build this project after I change anything I get 2 errors of the form:
illegal expression, found 'unknown' referencing both lines in updateColor()

Here is some output:
CompileC /Users/chrisg/Projects/ColorMeter/build/intermediates/
Controller.m:52: illegal expression, found `unknown'
Controller.m:54: illegal expression, found `unknown'
cpp-precomp: warning: errors during smart preprocessing, retrying in basic mode
Controller.m: In function `-[Controller updateColor]':
Controller.m:53: warning: cannot find class (factory) method.

Then if I click the hammer again, it builds fine.

Any clue what's going on here?

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    2001-06-27 15:28:24  larryvp [View]

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      2001-06-28 08:28:53  canyonrat [View]

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