Death of a Palm
Subject:   sniff...
Date:   2001-06-22 15:53:34
From:   peterwiggin
Response to: sniff...

I had wanted an ipaq back in November/December, when there was a big shortage of them, and when they could be purchased for $499, but I couldn't find one.

I liked its multimedia capabilties, and I had seen some of the early attempts at running linux on it at linuxworld last year.

But when they started reappearing on the market in available quantities, and the price was $100 higher -- I decided against it and almost gave up on a PDA.

That is until I saw Derrick and Rob using the Xircom 802.11 wireless module for the visor in preparation for this article.

I bought myself a Visor Edge at $100 discount because I upgraded (you don't even have to send back your old PDA), and I have trouble putting it down because it feels so darn nice!

Besides, Rob will tire of his Xircom springboard module soon, and then...