Disc Burning with Sony's Digital Relay
Subject:   Update on CD-RW Burning
Date:   2001-06-27 22:39:35
From:   derrick
During my informal testing of burning CD-RW discs with Disc Burner, I noticed that I couldn't "add" more data to the disc once I had burned it. The only work-around I could find was to completely erase the CD-RW and then write more data.

I've since found the explanation to this in
Apple Article ID 58760. The "problem" is that the current version of Disc Burner only supports single session burning.

I hope multi-session is added soon because that taps the real advantage of CD-RWs.

In the meantime, if multi-session is important to you, you might want to keep your existing CD-RW software on hand until Apple posts an update to fix this problem.