Brewing a HailStorm
Subject:   co-operate with Government or Credit Card company
Date:   2001-06-28 00:12:10
From:   treelazy
The idea about free users from different sites is great.

However, i wonder if Microsoft is too greedy. Will people really trust Microsoft for all these?
Just like what credit card vendors as VISA and MasterCard did.
Consider every country worldwide, will all they welcome another company have such a power?

Why they not just consider to co-operate with local Government or existing companies?
The progress will much easier if they do so.....

In case of local Government, some Government will happy to have tax, yes tax! for any transcation.
I wonder subscription fee will require in such case.
(Local Goverment will really happy, especially those "consumer" countries.... Charging tax is a headache for today's e-bussiness......)

For credit card companies, they already charge a rate for every transcation!!!!!!!!!!! They can easily boost renvene easily.

Why user have to paid for another company ,like Microsoft, again?