Microsoft Plans Shared Source .NET
Subject:   Miguel de Icaza writes...
Date:   2001-06-28 10:45:31
From:   dave2

After reading Tim's interview, GNOME founder and Ximian co-founder and CTO Miguel de Icaza wrote to Tim:

I have a theory about the Microsoft announcement
and the GPL: I do not think that the GPL is a
problem for them. The fact that the kernel is
under the GPL is completely irrelevant. For that
matter FreeBSD uses GPL tools (to compile its own
kernel for example) or in the form of

My impression is that by providing a FreeBSD-only
version of .NET they are hoping to split the
open source server user base between a bunch of
systems; Maybe they are hoping to slow down
Linux adoption for server applications as Linux
`won't have a .NET implementation, only FreeBSD'

All in all, it was a smartly thought campaign ...