Java Programming for Palm OS
Subject:   Jump - yet another option
Date:   2001-07-01 09:10:39
From:   kleberhoff
Jump (isn't exactly a JVM, but a an Ahead-Of-Time compiler running on your desktop, producing a stand-alone program) is open source.

Jump-compiled programs are fast (5-10 times faster than typical VMs), but lack some of the dynamic features of Java (e.g. no dynamic class loading with Class.forName()).

Jump's mem footprint isn't bad. Small programs with PalmOS-style GUI start at 10 KB. (Remember, no additional VM or library needed!).

On the other hand, Jump has a multi-segment mode and a (still experimental) huge-heap mode. Programs of 300K using 500K of heap are no problem.

With the WabaJump library, you can use a well-designed, AWT-like GUI framework, compatible with Waba.

Jump tries to support the full Java2 standard (in the future). By now, it supports:
- all data types (including long, float
and double)
- exceptions
- most classes and methods from
java.lang and java.util
- virtually everything that you have in form
of java source or pure-java classfiles.

Jump has its own discussion group at

Download site is:

--- Ralf Kleberhoff <>
(maintainer of Jump)