Graphical Composition in Avalon
Subject:   macos x already works like this
Date:   2004-04-06 05:38:43
From:   musnat
Response to: macos x already works like this

Very once in a while, some of the mac idiots, like zootbobbalu will come and try to say something. What they say is general stupid, nonesense stuff as we witness from zootbobbalu's posts. When you read what he is saying, at the end you conclude that the guy is nothing but an idiot who didn't like what he heard. This is a site for programmers, serious people, not some idiot who is devoted to Apple. So I suggest zootbobbalu to increase his iq first, than his skills, be more mature etc.., and then come back and discuss whatever he wants with us. Right now, he is more like an annoying Mac troll.