Graphical Composition in Avalon
Subject:   macos x already works like this
Date:   2004-04-06 05:50:12
From:   musnat
Response to: macos x already works like this

"You stance is way too negative toward Quartz."
This is a site for windows programmer, and a mac idiot who has no idea on what's going on in the graphical APIs come and say that he didn't like what he heard about his beloved technology. Because he is too stupid to believe in everything Apple told him and that after spending thousands of dollars to a mac he doesn't want anybodyelse to say anything "negative" about his mac, even though everything is true. He doesn't even understand what's going on here.

I am completely suprised by the author's mature raction. Frankly, it is quite obvious that he is dealing with a mac idiot who will never ever get what he is saying.

By the way, this is obviously not about mac vs windows, except for this little idiot. The problem is to me, an idiot who views everything as mac vs windows is coming here and trying to discredit someone without putting anything to the table, by pure personal attacks. The above statement is a good indacation on where this idiot stands.