Graphical Composition in Avalon
Subject:   XAML
Date:   2004-04-06 10:03:25
From:   musnat
Response to: XAML

I truly admired the patience of the author to such stupid claims. SVG has nothing to do with XAML. What an idiot you are zicco. Just because you think you can get away with, you throw out something you are not even knowledgable about. XAML competes with XUL in a way, you may accuse Microsoft for not using XUL, but still that will not change the fact that you are a pure idiot. I don't understand why Microsoft attracks so many idiots. XUL is a half-ass solution with lots of stuff up in the air. That's why not many people use it. It is not a bad stuff, but so much more has to be done, and mozilla developers clearly declared that they are against Microsoft and thus it is stupid to say Microsoft should use XUL. Many mozilla developers are eager to take down Microsoft, they are not open minded people. In the slides one of the lead developers say that mozilla should colloborate with Safari and Opera, there is no mention of Microsoft. That's pure evil.

SVG is also going through a stupid slow process. Even on mozilla they don't have built-in support for that. Adobe has a nice plugin which works great on Internet Explorer, but because irresponsible mozilla developers changed some of the APIs, adobe's plugin doesn't work on mozilla. That's where SVG is. Its progress is painfully slow, yet many idiots do not acknowledge that fact. So we end up having nothing, but they don't want Microsoft to develop something either, they just want everybody to sit and wait W3C.