Writing Managed Wrappers with Managed C++
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Date:   2004-04-08 00:01:48
From:   madigan04
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Thanks for the answer, but I still didn't get it.
You say they are not exposed. But in order to call the method "void MList::InsertAll(const UnmanagedLinkedList &rhs)", which is part of the managed wrapper I have to provide a reference to the class UnmanagedLinkedList which is unmanged code. This means that e.g. from a C# Application (which is of cource managed) one has to create an object of class UnmanagedLinkedList (which is unmanaged code) in order to use this method.

Maybe I'm a bit confused about this issue, but I would expect that users of the wrapper ManagedList
do not have to deal with Item or UnmanagedLinkedList.

Thanks again,

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    2004-04-08 23:22:05  samgentile [View]

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