Strings in Cocoa: Part I
Subject:   Comparing strings
Date:   2001-07-03 14:38:00
From:   wcray
Response to: Comparing strings

> Actually, comparing string1 and string2
> with == didn't work
> when I compiled Mike's code fragment as
> a standard tool.
> This is surprising because...

Actually not unexpected. string1 and string2
were declared as unbounded char arrays, which
gcc assumes aren't constant strings (while
type char *s with initializers are assumed
to be constant).

I believe the logic is that

char foo[] = "yabba dabba";

declares foo to be a character array, and
then the initializer puts data into it, while

char *foo2 = "yabba dabba";

declares foo2 to be a pointer, and the
initializer points it to a string containing
"yabba dabba" that already exists in
the memory space.

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