Giving the Simple Text Editor 'Legs'
Subject:   How I solved my problem
Date:   2001-07-04 05:31:56
From:   victory
I too was encountering a problem where my textView connection wasn't being created properly. Maybe it's a glitch in my system or Interface Builder, but here's what I found works:

From Mike's column describing the Cntrl-drag to wire up the textView outlet:

>> the Inspector window will open and a list of all possible connections will be displayed. You should see the textView connection we just created. Highlight that and click the Make Connection button at the bottom of the window. <<

What I found works instead is to double-click on the highlit textView entry (in the list of available outlets near the top). When I simply hit the 'Make Connection' button, it was incorrectly creating a connection to NSWindow instead of NSTextView. This is despite the fact that I *was* careful to drag the pointer onto the NSTextView object (it even highlit indicated it had been selected rather than the entire NSWindow).

Once the outlet connection was made properly, the project compiled and worked as described.

What a great series of articles!