Launchers for Mac OS X
Subject:   LaunchBar has good searching too
Date:   2004-04-11 06:44:41
From:   germuska
The author credits Butler for its use as a quick tool for googling or other searches. LaunchBar 4 has a nice version of this feature, although it takes some looking to see how to configure additional templates, but it comes configured with several.

In fact, while I haven't used Butler, from the description I prefer LaunchBar's "interface." Type-to-find a "search template", then type a space to convert the LaunchBar menu into a search field. Type your search and hit return, and there you are. You can also simply paste in a complete URL and LaunchBar passes it to your preferred browser.

I do like the bezel view of QuickSilver; it's kind of fun to see photos of my friends from the address book as my typing gets "near" their name.