Launchers for Mac OS X
Subject:   Another case of competition leading to superior products
Date:   2004-04-12 10:37:37
From:   slyturtle
All this competition in type-the-command launchers is so great. After a long period of LB dominance, suddenly the plethora of options is making everybody improve their apps rapidly. One feature of QuickSilver not mentioned is the fantastic way it handles multi-step actions. You type the item to act upon, type an action, then type another item/location, if necessary. It's very well done. LaunchBar has a crude multi-action interface coming in Beta 4, but it isn't there yet. On the other hand, the text-entry field makes for some very interesting uses, such as typing SSH, then space, and typing in where to SSH to. Up comes a terminal asking for my ssh password. VERY cool. It's hard to say who has the upper hand at this point, and that is great news. With no clear winner, the breakneck development is only going to continue. (Note: I use both LB and QS, though lately, mostly LB.)