Strings in Cocoa: Part I
Subject:   Pretty Good Basic Coverage, couple points
Date:   2001-07-04 18:29:51
From:   bigboytoddy
As a 10+ year vet of ObjC programming, 15+ of OO, I can say he did a nice job, a bit wordy but inviting to the newbie. Very nice to see. Mike does make a few errors, obviously accolades given to ObjC the language for method/selector names, which has nothing to do with 'Range' in a name, it has to do with authors/creators of the Frameworks/Cluster/Classes. Which brings up a side issue, and likely more important. ObjC is not pure OO, and it still shows. It never claims to be, just working hard to shed it's C ancestory. ST which ObjC is based upon, syntax mostly, and some garbage collection ideas, on the otherhand doesn't burdeon the user with the issues of types, macros to make things easier, and also having types defined in a method/selector name. Just a point, and Mike may want to reconsider why he really likes types, if he is an OO expert writing about OO in the first place.

Best wishes to all.


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    2001-07-05 10:59:43  Michael Beam | O'Reilly Author [View]

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