Introducing mod_python
Subject:   We can really use some more examples...
Date:   2004-04-14 15:43:47
From:   jdcrunchman
There appears to be a severe lack of more robust examples. Especially session related. Not to mention little to NO examples on how to use Embedded Python coded in HTML documents.

So - when can we expect to see more examples... I've been reading and studying this for more then a month, and just now was able to get it installed..

By the way, we were unable to get mod_python to install on openBSd 3.4 under python 2.3... so we had to revert back to python 2.2 to even use ModPython.

Nor have I ever found anyone who sucessfully got it to install on python 2.3, on OpenBSD 3.4

Could ONLY get it to install on Apache 2.... earlier versions? Forget it.