End of Shutter Lag? The Contax SL300R T* Might Be the Sign of Good Things to Come
Subject:   contax sl300rt and hmmmn 5mg dsct1-sony
Date:   2004-04-14 20:21:22
From:   bwitchd
I am brand and user loyal big time to contax-re my real film slrs--ya the huge ones that took beautiful selectable any way you want pictures,, and oh man that lens--grin ya a foot long to get at what ?? 100mm something like that--lens attachment-- yiiiikes what we used before digital--and trust me I** had some muscles for this 100lb blonde luggin that photo equip all over the place--
anyway I have been all over exploring the tiniest cameras--looking for distance , photo quality, abilities-- so I can keep the camera always with me--
now I had kinda decided on the dsct1 by sony for the above reasons,, and I stopped into national camera exchange to look around-- (man screwed me up) so there was the little sony which I had researched and hunted for the best pricing etc,,
549.00 plus tax.. unless i get online--
k so I played with it a bit looked around to see what else might be there-- uh oh--
hey whats that-- I didnt know contax even made that tiny one--
damn-- I say-- I trust contax-- I like contax--
I like the feel of this better than sony--..but they are withing 50.00 of each other and the sony is a 5mg pix,, and the contax is 3.1 so which is really the better choice???
it isnt like they will let me take and try 'em each for a week to see which is the one I want--
the focal length is also the same--
help me help me figure this out!!!!
actually the only thing holding me back is pretty much the mg pix-- so far--
who is more user friendly--who is less expensive to use in the long run, and who takes the best pictures??
they both have the zeis lens's too---
help me people !!!!
btw loved your article too and I am definately
going to explore all your site and may even get your book!!! grin--
SO HELP ME OUT HERE!!! grin* thank ya!!
cougar z truly bwitchd.

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