Adding Transactions to Servlets with JOTM
Subject:   Dangerous and misleading
Date:   2004-04-16 04:57:31
From:   jeff.mesnil
Response to: Dangerous and misleading

You're right: I'm a little too enthusiastic about JOTM! :-) I should restrain for promoting JOTM as a fully functional transaction manager as long as it hasn't implemented recovery and passed the J2EE CTS with JOnAS.

Your argument about a transaction manager without recovery is very valid and I think it could be interesting to raise more attention on that point.
IMHO, the J2EE Open Source projects are not enough concerned about that fundamental aspect of enterprise computing. ObjectWeb (JOTM and JOnAS) are leading the way but we need to better explain how it's a mandatory requirements to build true robust applications.

I'm thinking about writing an article on that topic (it'll be my way to redeem myself from my
misleading in this article! :-)
It could be worthwhile to examine the current state of the art in the J2EE Open Source stack wrt to recovery (e.g. DB, MOM, J2EE Server and TM) and what steps are required to support recovery for the whole stack.
What do you think about it?