Talking About Life With Mac OS X
Subject:   Great stuff, if it wasn't so Newbie based and OSX love-fest
Date:   2001-07-05 04:28:57
From:   bigboytoddy
[ramble on]

Folks, without be too jaded, and I am because of being screwed repeatedly by SJ and company over the years (you don't want to know, just ask any other 3rd party developer during NeXT days). This love-fest of OSX kinda makes a 'vet' like me almost puke. In reality nothing you guys have spewed as revolutionary has been new, it is almost a decade old, in fact it is over a decade old. We know this, so move on. The reality is this, the price and cost of this is what the market demands, and such your revelation about cool cases and G4's don't mean squat, justified by an OS. What matters is when Apple can put a dual G4 low power with 2.5 gigs combined into a package for less than 1000 (and that is coming) and have OSX be multiprocessor in that environment and empower the user from a NON technical perspective. When DO and network objects can and will allow a user to specify by some common language (hey, english would be nice for a change) and have the computer see that, look at potential objects on the net to solve it, and put together a perspective on a solution. When that happens, then Apple and Steve are not smoking crack any more, they are the leaders of the pack. Apple is lacking, seriously the foresite into this market, they are looking to become MicroScrap's love buddy, and all for the dollar. It is more about the vision, not about the dollar that will keep Apple in the dollar in the longrun. They have lost their focus a LONG, long time ago, and need it badly. Steve's distortion field could be an asset, if used. Right now, selling plastic see-thru cubes to prove that a toaster type device is sellable (which it ain't proven by the lack of sale), is just an ego trip he has been on for a long, long time. Mac, then the Cube, now the cube/Apple. Time to push the envelope, not from a case perspective, but from a functional technological perspective that empowers the user. Feeling good about the color or envirodangerous plastic used is not going to be a winner in the long run.

[ramble off]