Migrating to Velocity
Subject:   Re: Not convinced
Date:   2004-04-21 13:17:21
From:   jrbriggs
Okay, I'll bite. ;-)

The example is just that -- an example. I could've included a complicated 'real world' JSP, but who would've wanted to look at it? Isn't something simple that demonstrates the basic concepts better..? Hence the use of java.util.Date, rather than creating an artificial javabean and having to include the source for that as well (and so on).

I don't "provide a convincing case" for using Velocity over JSP, because I was not trying to present that case -- what I hoped would be clear from my article, was that if you're currently creating JSPs with javabeans, includes, etc, then you can migrate simply to velocity without losing the functionality you're comfortable with, and without too much leg work.

As a side note, I hadn't come across that preclude/coda wrapping before (so thanks for that ;-).