Hierarchical Menus with the Underrated style.display Object
Subject:   a little addition to the script
Date:   2004-04-22 06:24:10
From:   tomthecat
I wanted to exept the open menus, when another menu is choosed to save space and did the following:

I added the variable _exept, and proof in the hideLevel if the exept is given

function hideLevel( _levelId, _imgId, _exept ) {
if(_levelId != _exept){
var thisLevel = document.getElementById( _levelId );
var thisImg = document.getElementById( _imgId ); = "none";
thisImg.src = plusImg.src;

function hideAll(_exept) {
hideLevel("schule", "ortsbild", _exept);
hideLevel("ort", "landbild", _exept);
hideLevel("land", "schularten", _exept);

in the menus, i added the hideAll call function with the name of the exeption menu