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Subject:   SPNEGO implementation in Java
Date:   2004-04-23 02:26:36
From:   bofriis

The header of the this forum kinda invited me to write about my SPNEGO implementation using nothing but JDK 1.4.

I have written code that can run on client side, either inside an applet or inside a (thick) java application. This code is capable of getting the TGT from either the java ticket cache or the native windows ticket cache. The output is a SPNEGO token.

I have also written server side code that can decode and validate the SPNEGO token coming from either the client side generated code (which in principle could run on Linux or Windows) or the Internet Explorer on windows.

I have tested it using win2k and XP on client side, win2kadv server on server side and the SPNEGO authentication has been tested running on Tomcat on top of JDK 1.4.

I have writtes some articles and a presentation on the subject which I have posted on my site.