Perfect Text Editors for Coders
Subject:   target audience anyone?
Date:   2004-04-26 23:51:05
From:   jwenting
Remember that neither notepad nor wordpad are aimed at the programmer.
They were never intended for writing code therefore your flaming them as not appropriate for that task is a cheap below the belts jab with no force behind it.

Notepad is a perfect lightweight editor for taking quick notes, much like a small paper notepad to write down your shopping list.
There's no need for anything fancy for that purpose so it wasn't included.
Wordpad provides more formatting functions and is intended as a lowend word processor for people that don't need the functionality provided by products like Word.
Again not aimed at the programmer, and it gets the job done writing simple letters.

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  1. target audience anyone?
    2004-04-27 06:48:09  RonWhite [View]

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