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  How I BSDed My iBook
Subject:   Why download 9.1 update? It's in the OS X box!
Date:   2001-07-09 00:49:35
From:   oreillynet20000
OK, I'm confused. You said that you received a copy of OS X... So, is this a "copy" (as in pirate) or a genuine version? I only ask because later you talk about only having 9.0 installed, and having to download a 9.1 updater over the Internet via a 56k modem...

Didn't you look inside the OS X 10.0 (4K78) box, or even read the printed manual? Ths first page of the manual says that you need 9.1 to install OS X, and recommends that you install from the 9.1 CD included in the box! This also includes the Startup Disk control panel.

Hmm, I'm highly suspicious. Either dodgy software, or someone needing to write padding for the article.

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  1. Chris Coleman photo Why download 9.1 update? It's in the OS X box!
    2001-07-10 09:57:53  Chris Coleman | [View]

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