Weblog:   Why MySQL grew so fast (news from the 2004 MySQL Users Conference)
Subject:   The strength of MySQL
Date:   2004-04-27 19:45:17
From:   lombardo
I've actually switched over to MySQL as a primary database for a project. I concur with your assessment of mysql as a disruptive technology - they have done an oustanding job of shaking up the industry in a way that "the other open source database" has failed to do. Having worked in great depth with other databases including Postres, SQL Server, and Oracle there is one thing that MySQL really has going for it: the software is rediculously easy to use. In some areas the functionality provided by competing databases is much more impressive than that provided by MySQL. However, you can get a high performance MySQL database server installed, configured, and running in about the time it takes to brew a pot of tea. In most cases I find the former argument against MySQL substantially weaker than the later statement for it!