GNOME's Miguel de Icaza on .NET
Subject:   I can't believe it's happening
Date:   2001-07-10 03:18:38
From:   sergeiv
I can't believe it's happening. Miguel is singing praises to .NET development environment with as much vigor as an MS sales guy would. I guess if the project goes the way Miguel wants it to, MS won't even have to outsource the porting of .NET to Linux, Open Source guys will do it for free... Doesn't it sound like the largest betrayal of Open Source movement from its inception? To top it all off de Icaza is making a defying logic statement that .NET is the next big thing admitting at the same time that he doesn't know Java(or should say J2EE and ONE). Wouldn't it hurt to check the competition first before making such far-fetched statements? Sorry, but logic in form of "I don't know Java => .NET is the next big thing" doesn't translate well in my frame of thinking.

This situation creates a rather fertile ground for speculations about Miguel being injected with a rather substantial offer in one form or another from all mighty and powerful MS... Sorry, but it just doesn't sound like it would come from a pure open-source heart, considering the fact that even in the best case scenario the project would produce a second grade complimentary platform for Windows, where you would still need to go to MS Windows to get the most out of it.

Correct me if I'm wrong...