How I BSDed My iBook
Subject:   9.1 in box, UFS issues...
Date:   2001-07-10 04:55:24
From:   dogzilla
Not sure where you got that "copy" of OSX, but it isn't the shipping final version: that version includes a cd with MacOS 9.1 in the box. And it's really kind of hard to miss. So where did you get your version?

Also, you might want to take a bit of time to read some Mac Webboards next time you have some issues. They could have helped greatly with the UFS vs. HFS issue, for example. Currently, the only drawbacks to using HFS over UFS seem to be a minor incompatibility when building PHP, and a minor security issue with Apache (which has already been patched by Apple).

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  1. Chris Coleman photo 9.1 in box, UFS issues...
    2001-07-10 10:01:08  Chris Coleman | [View]

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