Making Movies with the Apple iSight
Subject:   Apple iSight Review
Date:   2004-04-28 22:44:10
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
I love my iSight! ISight is the video conferencing camera from Apple Computer, which when used with Apple's iChat software (which comes included with the computer) delivers extraordinary quality video conferencing for the money ($150). It's hard to convince people of this though until they actually use it. I've been trying to talk my friend Tom into buying one for months, so I could more easily visit with him and his rambunctious family. Finally I just gave up and shipped him one. My uncle is getting one soon too, as an early birthday present. Generous, you may think. Nah, having your closest friends on iChat with iSight just improves the value of your own iSight installation. The camera gets exponentially more useful the more that people you want to talk with have one. Amazon has a good deal on them right now. I think I paid $139 with free...