Weblog:   The Fuss About Gmail and Privacy: Nine Reasons Why It's Bogus
Subject:   O’REILLY’S LAST .WAV: The Voice of Google
Date:   2004-05-01 10:28:36
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
I am entranced with the benefits that gmail will hopefully provide! -- Tim O’Reilly IN HIS GROUNDBREAKING article on Google’s gmail plans, The Fuss About Gmail and Privacy: Nine Reasons Why It's Bogus publisher and minor Internet oligarch Tim (“I’m Not Bill”) O’Reilly came out pitching for Google’s GMail. True, he neglected to mention that he actually held some pre-IPO Google shares, [I do own a small amount of Google stock. I was an investor in Pyra (, and helped Evan to negotiate the sale to Google. But you should know better than to hint that I'm influenced by that fact. -- Zawodny ] but his arguments about of the utter bogusity of suspecting Google and GMail of evil intent was so stunning and sweeping that the Internet was virtually silenced on this latest engulf and devour move by the “company that doesn’t suck.” As a reward, O’Reilly was given a rare face to interface interview with the Google Mainframe and central computer last week after the IPO was announced. Because of the tragic events involving high levels of heat and radioactivity centered on O’Reilly’s compound in the Bay Area, the interview was not released. However, American Digest has...