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Subject:   Excelent Non-linear thinking!
Date:   2004-05-01 12:39:28
From:   ProMing
Response to: Excelent Non-linear thinking!

I believe that it's you who are confused. There is no direct import from Outlook for Windows in to Entourage for Macintosh. Unless there is a medium used such as a Palm handheld device, Outlook Express, Exchange Server with LDAP support and any other third party software of which that I am not aware of, users cannot sync data from Outlook for Windows in to Entourage for Macintosh.

I know it's always good to blame Microsoft for any problems, but sometimes, the problem lies between the chair and the computer or the cause of the problem is ignorance.

I hope the information in the first paragraph helps you as well.

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  1. Excelent Non-linear thinking!
    2004-11-17 16:33:42  wolfman33456 [View]

    • Excelent Non-linear thinking!
      2005-02-23 09:29:52  ConorBrigh [View]

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