Seven Low-Cost Ways to Improve Legacy Code
Subject:   IntelliJ IDEA
Date:   2004-05-01 15:12:17
From:   mikeunicode
Response to: IntelliJ IDEA

- I'd like you to give us some clue about how to Set up Eclipse to do this code checking, and publish that as a major article on OnJava.
I've run into problems attempting to use open source projects( developed with using Eclipse ) with JDeveloper catching errors in the libraries, making them unusable.

- What version of JBuilder are you denigrating?
JBuilder X catches more bugs than I care for actually.

I'm not a big fan of Eclipse.
Using SWT breaks the Pure Java mantra.
Is this IBM's smart move to turn Java into a fragmented Unix environment. IBM can then have a Big piece of a much smaller pie.