Digital Still Cameras for QuickTime Movies, Part Two
Subject:   Importing to iMovie with Canon S400
Date:   2004-05-01 23:23:39
From:   komal
The s400 takes up to 3 minutes of video with sound (fantastic feature!) and I know that I imported video from that camera once before directly into iMovie. (I double-checked my files to make sure I didn't dream it.) The trouble is: I thought I used a firewire cable but the only firewire cable I own doesn't fit the little slot in the Canon where the USB cable goes. Is there a connector or converter pin to make the firewire cable fit into the Canon slot? I also have a Sony TRV950 and I don't know if I somehow connected the two cameras to each other and then imported the video (although I can't imagine how I could have done so). I would bet my life on the fact that I imported the video directly from the Canon to iMovie but I can't remember how. Help, please!