Seven Low-Cost Ways to Improve Legacy Code
Subject:   PMD and jEnum
Date:   2004-05-03 08:57:48
From:   stinkyminky
I am a fan of IntelliJ.

However, if you are looking for code-inspection tool, you should check out PMD.

One sub-project of PMD is CPD [ cut&paste dectactor ]. It is a pretty neat tool.

As for Enum, it is not easy to write correct implementation of it. Serialization, '==' and other issues comes into the play. Most of the issues have been highlighted in Joshua Bloch's Effective Java book. However, you can use 'jEnum' to create for you.

For IntelliJ, I created the external tools for 'PMD' and 'jEnum'. With a couple of cliks, I can check my code and create Enum class. Hack - I even put JAXB binding as the external tools.

Life is beautiful with IntelliJ....

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