Panther Maintenance Tips
Subject:   Can't Repair Permissions
Date:   2004-05-03 18:57:02
From:   BobBl
I just finished reading the Panther Maintenance Tips forum and I've got a "unique condition" no one else has apparently reported.

I cannot seem to repair my permissions. I've tried the Disk Utility and about 2/3 of the way through a run to repair permissions, I get a message sayiing that the permission repair process has become "detached" from the Utility and asking if I want to quit. (OUCH!) There is no real choice because if I let the process run it doesn't go anywhere.

I also own Cocktail and when I run a "repair permissions" with cocktail, it also seems to go into a loop until the Cocktail program unexpectedly quits.

I've run the disk repair program and that checks out OK. I've run Cron and all those chores seem to complete OK. I just can't get past repairing the permissions. It makes me think that there are some corrupt permissions in there somewhere that are really messing things up.

Anyone with suggestions for repairing permissions (short of doing it file by file at a command line) would have my eternal graditude.


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