The Cocoa Controller Layer
Subject:   sought company courage at library and got my hand in Mike Beam cocoa again
Date:   2004-05-04 21:21:04
From:   psheldon

It was a fast read, but, I worry, easy in and easy out of my head. But, I council myself, I wasn't ready to really read the system level instructions or discussions on this new technology. I needed my hand held on this one and easy in easy out at first, to get a taste of things to come.

Need more on this and Apple will be supplying, especially if, as Dave (llnldave, in Key paths) wrote, Dave found a bug.

Should I dose myself with dark and pain on "the bottom" now or continue reading top down approaches like this article and wait for pain? I'll wait. But, I was glad to reboot in panther to check this out. I'm not as scared of xcode; I've stretched a bit out of my comfort zone a bit. I don't have to push it until it is painful.

I got controllers part of IB not code. Views were already part of IB. What next, models (all of MVC)? I'll be painting applications from palettes?

Fantastic, just as it should be.