GNOME's Miguel de Icaza on .NET
Subject:   Java vs C#, J2EE vs .NET
Date:   2001-07-11 01:10:09
From:   chewitt
I know Java, I know C#. I would say that C# is a better language to code in, maybe only marginally. Anyway it is REALLY REALLY similar.

The 'conversion' course(s) from VB to VB.NET take 2 weeks, the 'conversion' course from Java to C# is 3 days....

The code that comes out of VS.NET though is a lot faster than Java code (on Wintel of course), and the development environment is ...SWEET...

When I'm coding on Windows, I'm coding C#....

I DON'T know J2EE at all, but for a comparison by someone who does see Roger Session's J2EE vs .NET comparison paper on

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