SQL Database Access with DBTags
Subject:   better alternatives
Date:   2004-05-07 02:45:27
From:   jwenting
Response to: better alternatives

I'd contest your "it is from Jakarta which means it's probably not of production quality".
The Jakarta project has turned out quite a bit of code that's very much of production quality.

Tomcat (4.1 and 5 at least) is just one example and is recognised by Sun as the reference implementation for the Servlet and JSP platform.
Their JSTL implementation is just about the industry standard.

Xalan and Xerces are related closely to Jakarta and are again industry standards.

The list goes on...

I DO agree that using JSTL instead of the Jakarta specific tags is a good idea.
I would not be surprised if those libraries which show duplicate functionality from the JSTL will in time be dropped from the Jakarta project.
As is stated on the Jakarta site Over time, some projects are deprecated because their functionality is covered by JCP standardized tag libraries, or because newer, improved projects supersede them. Deprecated tag libraries can be accessed here. (the SQL tags are not yet among these).

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