Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
Subject:   In regard to MONEY
Date:   2001-07-11 10:41:33
From:   vizaro
The university doesn't for internet based on data transferred. So, how did they lose money by these screensavers being installed.
2) in reference to reconfiguring computers. Whoever wrote that the cost of reconfiguring computers is the money at question fails to understand the folowing point: David McOwen was the guy who configured the computers in the first place. Therefore, if they had simply told him to uninstall it, for free, i'm sure he would have done it rather than go to jail for 15 years.

3) abuse? what abuse? Who lost anything? Maybe the state is just mad that he used their bandwith to help someone else for free...but this doesn't give them the right to prosecute. Universities are for education. Using lots of computers to solve hard problems ultimately add to the overall knowledge of mankind.

---V out.

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