The State of JAXB: Availability, Suitability, Analysis, and Architecture
Subject:   Looking for POJO serialization
Date:   2004-05-07 17:39:29
From:   johnlindwall
I've been evaluation various Java <-> XML solutions as a way to serialize existing java domain objects (containing data AND behavior) to/from XML.

I started with this doc as a starting point:

And narrowed the list down from 40+ candidates to 10 contenders:

1. Castor, looks great
2. JAXB, Strong candidate based on standardness
3. JaxMe, alternative JAXB implementation
4. Jbind, but note bad performance in XML in Java: Data binding, Part 2: Performance
5. JiBX, fairly simple, clean XML output, uses byte-code instrumentation
6. Xgen, built on Castor
7. Zeus
8. Betwixt
9. KBML (Koala Bean Markup Language), KOML (Koala Object Markup Language), marginal survivor – no schema support?
10. XMLBeans

The examples I've seen of JAXB center around using an XSD as a starting point. In addition the java objects created are simple javabean-like value objects, with no behavior.

I'm starting with java objects not an XSD. I'm happy to create an XSD if needed. My dream though is to take my existing graph of domain objects and "XML-enable" them using one of these technologies.

Can JAXB fill this need? Can my domain objects extend the JAXB-generated classes perhaps, thus allowing me to keep my coded behavior? Or is there some other way to XML-enable my classes?


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