Automated Web Photo Galleries with iPhoto and Perl
Subject:   I do something similar
Date:   2004-05-10 12:52:13
From:   GoodDoug
I use Python with the PyObjC bridge to do a photo album that reads directly from my ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library/AlbumData.xml which has my iPhoto data.

The nice thing about using that is I don't have to do any extra steps, every picture in iPhoto is automatically available on the web. I'm too lazy to export, now all I have to do is plug my camera in and all of my photos are on the web. They can also be viewed by library (even with smart libraries) which makes things a little bit easier. Clicking on a picture to view it downloads the complete picture... which was a concious decision on my part, as my family often wants access to the full size picture for printing or making desktops of. And I'm just too lazy to write the code to resize the images, I'll get around to it once someone says they need it...

This won't work for those people that only want to have some photos on the web, as all photos are available by default.

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