An Introduction to GraphViz and dot
Subject:   Autodia and other software
Date:   2004-05-11 06:22:38
From:   michelesimionato
Response to: Autodia and other software

There are *lots* of applications using GraphViz.
I couldn't list them all, so I just put a link
to GraphViz home-page (which list AutoDia, BTW).
Furthermore I said

"Bindings exist for many programming languages—including Java, Perl, and Python. A more lightweight alternative is just to generate the dot code from your preferred language."

then I gave an example in Python, essentially
because it is a readable language even for
readers that do not know it.

The message I wanted to pass was that
for small projects, it maybe faster to
generate 'dot' code by hand with your preferred
language than to use an existing tool.

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1 to 2 of 2