The State of JAXB: Availability, Suitability, Analysis, and Architecture
Subject:   Senior Architects?
Date:   2004-05-11 10:39:32
From:   Michaelok
Response to: Senior Architects?

Agreed. The unfamiliarity with Ant and basic Gang of Four Patterns, so common place in Java nowadays, leads me to wonder about the rest of the article. More of a "learning experience" article, switching from Microsoft to Java?

Both Castor (and now JAXB) are proven tools - if you read the Castor mailing list - there isn't much you couldn't do with Castor, and if you did find a scenario, the developers were quick to have a workaround or fix.

That's the reason for the extra complexity of these tools (JAXB was in beta for over 3 years), but what you get is incredible power such as JAXB's support for multiple implementations. Downright impressive.

Sure, .NET's version might be simpler out of the box, but no doubt you'll run into a wall quickly, just like the rest of that toolset.