Why Learning Assembly Language Is Still a Good Idea
Subject:   Assembly isn't dead.
Date:   2004-05-12 16:43:01
From:   NoDot
Assembly isn't dead.

Most people have problems believing assembly isn't a dead language. Anti-assembly types like most of the people posting here don't get the fact that, if you write bad code, then your teaching others and yourself to write bad code.

If assembly was a dead language, then I wouldn't be programming in it, places like wouldn't be around, bogdanontanu would be writing Hostile Encounter in C, ect.

I wish I could understand why you people don't like assembly language. It doesn't make any sense. Assembly is not dead.

Besides, this book isn't about teaching assembly. It's about learning about the machine. Optimizing compilers can only do so much. They have a limit.

Prepackaged routines are only useful to a degree. If you need something not provided for by the routines, then you have to write it yourself.

You anti-assembly people had best hope you never work for me, because if you do, you will be learning assembly language. I will demand that the best possible code be written, but still following good programming practices, of course.

I won't sacrifice most Sortware Engineering standards for preformance. I'm not dumb.

Stop the "blah, blah" and wakeup for the coffee. Assembly is still alive. Let the bells ring out.