Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
Subject:   The question is why?
Date:   2001-07-12 11:36:36
From:   robor
Response to: Understand the money.

Why pay so much money to reconfigure the machines when it was completely unnecessary? Why did the machines have to be totally reconfigured? David could've uninstalled the dnet client as quickly and easily as it was installed and it wouldn't have cost anywhere near this much money.

It's not as if the dnet client is harmful. It uses spare CPU cycles. It doesn't mass Email or corrupt data like a trojan or virus. Why reload the PC's then? Security? The unknown factor? Are you telling me each time this school's network of PC's is compromised by a virus or trojan they totally reload the entire network? Do they also reload all of the PC's when a member if the IT staff is dismissed? After all he/she *might* have hidden harmful software on the network.

This case should be dropped, period. If GA persues it I hope David wins and files a countersuit for damages and court costs (using the same formula the gov't used).