Performance Analysis of J2EE Applications Using AOP Techniques
Subject:   Great but why p6spy ?
Date:   2004-05-13 11:17:14
From:   Alexandre__
This is a great feedback and explanation even if the AOP is not yet fully used as it should, especially AspectWerkz features:

  • we support runtime weaving of Aspects. That means with some little fancy tool to make things easier to use you can set up pretty easily an on-demand profiling solution and we do guarantee that original bytecode will run (not even a boolean check) when advice/aspects are undeployed, without requiring an application downtime / redeployement.

  • you should not use P6Spy since I think it does not support to wrap XA drivers. May be advising some key methods of driver classes that implement jdbc API using hierarchcal pattern is enough.


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  1. Great but why p6spy ?
    2004-05-13 19:50:46  Ramchandar [View]

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