Integrating Xgrid into Cocoa Applications, Part 1
Subject:   Xgrid jobs write to /tmp only? That is very wrong.
Date:   2004-05-14 10:08:21
From:   jamesreynolds
Your statement that /tmp is the only place xgrid jobs can write is woefully wrong. Any world writable folder can have files saved to it. Any world writable file can be modifed. I just double checked "just in case there was something I didn't know", and I can create a custom plugin that will write anywhere there is world writable files/folders.

This is a very big deal for us because you wouldn't believe how many applications install world writable files and folders and even worse, REQUIRE their files or folders to be world writable. Here is our list so far:

Some nice folks are writing a white paper on it as well, and there should be a session at the 2004 WWDC that discusses this issue.

Here is a pretty popular app that isn't on the list yet because we just found out about it yesterday: GarageBand and /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/

If there are any app developers reading this, the rule is, you can write to the home folder and you can write to /tmp. But you shouldn't try to write outside of those 2 places unless it is an admin type application.

If every developer followed this rule, I wouldn't feel so bad about allowing other people to use my agents...

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  1. Xgrid jobs write to /tmp only? That is very wrong.
    2004-05-14 10:14:06  drewmccormack [View]

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