Giving the Simple Text Editor 'Legs'
Subject:   patching together speech and this
Date:   2001-07-14 10:52:12
From:   psheldon
I had thought that I had stripped down a speech example from apple enough that I could port tools into other applications, in particular Mike Beams nice and simple example . However, cleaning up text, I had to carefully rewire interface builder and then iterate back to the text . The stripped example code was still too big for me to think clearly about how to use it as a tool and my confusion illustrated this .
I believe what I am seeing is someone porting an archaic window method style shell into an oop framework where that makes things cumbersome for me . I am hoping similar shell experience in code warrior's puzzle ap 800 "example" will fire up my neurons to make a bit simpler example , just as promised in the last chapter would happen when oop frameworks got hot .
Each time I pass a new milestone of getting rid of an old bug and face a conceptual foolishness I had to make a new milestone, I make a new project builder folder with version number . I hope to fall back should a candidate milestone be messed up .
This example needs a bit of work, but, as I have challenged myself to present a structured walkthrough in two weeks to a new friend, provides excitement, tension and drama . But, as I am a physicist , my gift to mankind, if they should decide to accept it, is an attempt at $1M of simplification on which to build .
This trek into absolute dark makes me appreciate simple examples when they come my way .
Thanks Mike Beam for the newby reassurance.