Five More Annoying PC Annoyances
Subject:   Help: Win Xp explorer --> View --> Explorer Bar - Folders
Date:   2004-05-17 05:54:01
From:   gsarnold
Response to: Help: Win Xp explorer --> View --> Explorer Bar - Folders

I'm not sure if this is the cause of your problem or not, but it's worth a shot: could it be that you still have Windows set to remember the folder settings for each folder INDIVIDUALLY? (That way when you switch folders, the view changes to hide the folder tree because it wasn't previously turned on for the folder you switched to - each folder has its own view settings.)

To check, open any old explorer window and go to TOOLS/FOLDER OPTIONS. Click on the VIEW tab and uncheck the box next to REMEMBER EACH FOLDERS VIEW SETTINGS. In fact, while you are in here, look around -- there are probably a few other choice things you can turn on or off that are annoying you as well.

OK the changes, then set the folder view up the way you want. That view should now persist between folders. Once I have everything set up I usually go back in and hit the APPLY TO ALL FOLDERS on the same dialog because I'm paranoid.

Personal Gripe: Why is it every successive version of Windows and Office just means that there is more idiotic boneheaded garbage I have to figure out how to turn off to make it usable again? HEY, MICROSOFT! HOW ABOUT YOU FOCUS ON MAKING THINGS **MORE** USABLE INSTEAD OF... aww, forget it. They aren't listening and I'm probably using my last version of Windows anyway. (Sigh).