Using JBoss Web Application Server
Subject:   No Clustering? Coming in 3.0
Date:   2001-07-17 14:52:30
From:   mdubord
I liked the article, but I can't believe that you glossed over the fact that JBoss is going to have clustering in 3.0. I think you work on the project (your name is on the JBoss website), so I'm surprised you left it out.

I also think JBoss will be able to handle high-load sites in the not-to-distant future.

I think your article doesn't do enough to stress those points (and makes JBoss sound like a low-cost, low-performance alternative). In fact, I would argue that JBoss is a better solution than other app servers for almost any (except the largest volume sites) installation. The support is excellent: where else can you get 24 hour response to your GENERAL EJB questions? Forget about questions about JBoss, people on the list help out with what seem to be the dumbest questions on earth sometimes. I've seen people give info on how to set up DB/2 (why?), how to store blobs in a database, and someone helped my with a stupid programming error (methods in the remote interface throwing javax.ejb.EJBException was generating a deployment warning that my remote interface was return invalid types for RMI/IIOP). Also, the product is constantly being updated, and is getting 40,000 downloads per month. I know of no other app server has that kind of use. And the documentation is excellent.

So let this be a lesson to all of you: JBOSS ROCKS! Everything else is adequate.

And you can't imagine how easy it is to deploy an EJB. Download and try it out.